More missing parts…

So, on top of the PCB mounting brackets and the silkscreened eurorack panels, I go looking through my parts and find out that the BOM is missing two pretty integral parts to any sound module: the output/input jacks and the power headers. What. Went to ERI quickly this morning with Peter to see if they had any headers that would fit, and I almost bought the wrong size. I also couldn’t find any 1/8″ jacks. Luckily, I have some really bad/cheap stereo jacks at home, I just don’t want to use them, this project has been hell-then-bliss-then-hell too many times to put bad or wrong parts in… I can’t even test the circuit right now, so they’re just sitting here.

The problem is that now that the quarter is almost over, I don’t have the money nor the time to order headers that I know will fit from any online retailer. Aside from that, the panels still haven’t arrived, so even if I wanted to wire up the pots and jacks and could power it, it still wouldn’t be finished.

After all this, and couldn’t be bothered to put headers on the BOM? They’re essential, not only for affixing the noise source to the Snare PCB, but powering both modules. It’s the one thing I didn’t check against that screws me this late in the quarter. Who would assume that the Bill of Materials itself didn’t have essential components even listen on it?

Hex is getting an email from me…

In other news, I’m almost done with the Make: book proper, my compressed notes have fit two chapters worth of schematics into 6 pages. I want to dive into the appendices, as they seem more in step with what I want out of this quarter, but it’s taking a bit long to fully digest chapter 6. I’m also skipping completely chapter 7, as I’ve done many-many-many quarters’ worth of notes and instruction on digital audio arranging, and I am very familiar with audacity.

One thing to do for next quarter is to fully examine the reading materials before putting them into a contract.




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