Solder Monster

Finally the PCBs for the NeinOhNein kits came in this morning! They have this awesome matte black solder mask, and all the pads on the bottom are huge… This one’s gonna be a dream to solder up.

I put a break there because that’s what I wrote before I started working, I finished them without so much as looking up for 7 hours. I just soldered and soldered. It was the best, everything went in perfectly, no cold joints, no hiccups, nothing. The flux looks horrible on the soldermask, which means I should DEFINITELY pick up some solvent or another, it’s really ugly on this matte finish.

The pictures are very hap-hazard, as in they’re not at any particular stage, I was just so happy to get work done that I’d forget to take pictures.

909-01 909-02 909-03 909-04 909-05 909-06 909-07 909-08


Left is the 909 Rim Shot clone, center is the 909 Snare clone, and the little guy on the right is the characteristic noise circuit from the 909.


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