Moving, Parts!

Moved my workbench today to the new apartment, been getting parts in over the past week, and just checked; all the small parts I bought on eBay are here! (the 20 TL072s too…) Turns out it doesn’t take that long, some were shipped express from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Surprised and impressed. Going to ERI tomorrow to get IC sockets for the Op Amps, the 4006 Shift Registers and the Hex Inverter. Surprised that they weren’t included in the BOM, but I knew that I could pick them up at ERI anytime.

Next is waiting for the PCBs, and I can get started on the NeinOhNeins.

Also, ran out of space in the little book and decided to use the second half of my hybrid notebook as notes for this contract. The Op-Amp chapter is very dense, and I needed to reference the internet several times to understand exactly what was going on in the circuits. I’m proud to say, though, that I’m understanding the bulk of this book, even the tough bits (so far.)


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