Worried orders

Ordered the last of the parts and components for the NeinOhNein kits, the dates make me a bit worried I won’t be done by the end of the quarter… The PCBs were back “in stock” as of last night and the panels will have to be silk screened-to-order…. Wish I had known that at the beginning of the quarter, I’d have ordered those right away.

I had to buy everything off of eBay, which means the parts will be coming in from all over the world, some say that they might not arrive until November 30th… That leaves barely enough time by week 9 to finish.

The good news is that everything is on order, and, at the very worst, it will get here week 9 or 10, which will give me a week or less to solder components. I’ve double and triple checked the BOM and, if anything I have extras of things I might need later.

Some good to come out of this was that the eBay sellers had a minimum order number, so I’m ending up with a few extra parts (and 11 extra TL072 Op Amps!).

I’ve decided to take a better look at allaboutcircuits.com, and the work on this website is filling in the gaps left by the Make: book. I’m finding the “Experiments” Volume extremely useful, even though I don’t have a breadboard to do hands-on; it’s giving me circuit ideas and applications. Good companion, and I wish I had made allaboutcircuits the center of this quarter instead of the Make: book. http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_6/index.html

I’ve also taken detailed notes up to chapter 4 and started on chapter 5. Chapter 5 is dealing with Op Amp circuits and looks to be interesting, and lots of drawings.

Wish all the parts were here already.


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