Been reading all the prose I can (up to chapter 4 in the Make book) and decided it was time to do notes. Rereading the first couple chapters, adding notes where new information is relevant to my work this quarter. Might run out of notes space by the end in this little notebook, but I think it’ll be okay if it moves to a bigger one.

Cash finally came in from Evergreen to pay for the components, kits, and tools I already bought and so did the first slew of parts from Mouser for the NeinOhNein synths. Now I have enough cash to order the PCBs and the parts that Mouser didn’t have, along with the panels and the mounting brackets.

Parts I don’t have for the NeinOhNein kits yet:

  • 8x TL072CN JFET Op Amps (They’re not in production anymore, might order a few extras)
  • 2x 2.2nF 5% Metal Film Capacitor
  • 2x .1uf 5% Metal Film Capacitor
  • 1x 470pf 5% Metal Film Capacitor
  • 2x 100pF 5% Metal Film Capacitor

Going on eBay tomorrow if I can’t source the parts tonight.

Adding to the bench list:

  • SOLVENT to get the friggin ugly flux brown stuff off my pretty PCB… Without it I look like a slob.

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