DS-8 Part 3…

Went to the hardware store downtown and found some nylon spacers and screws that work with the PCB, as well as a drill bit for the larger holes.

I plan on leaving that drill bit in the studio, cause I don’t have a drill (just a Dremel) and I used the space for almost 2 full days now, so giving something back.

Drilling the larger holes was difficult because I didn’t have enough of a grip on the enclosure, and the vises that were there didn’t really do anything, they were both too light to hold up the enclosure and neither of them gripped hard enough to withstand the force of the drill, so I ended up “fudging it” with my hands. It worked out okay, but it just made me realize that using a proper space would have been better for the aesthetics of the thing (holes lined up, etc).

I took the enclosure home and began to wire up the components.


I didn’t really think about how the wires would lay until I was about half done soldering up the wires to the component lugs, then I realized I wanted to be able to flip the PCB over in case I needed to diagnose a problem in the circuit (which I did need to do… more on that later). So I recut and resoldered most of the wires so that they would “tuck” under the PCB. I also grouped the wires together with some heat shrink. I got a bit carried away with that, though, and thinking that heat shrink was more bendy than it actually is, I ended up making the wires thicker and harder to seat properly under the PCB.

It ended up working well enough, but after finally finishing the wiring and installing a battery, the circuit wouldn’t turn on.

The LED wouldn’t go on either, which told me that power wasn’t getting to that part of the circuit. I did some prodding (didn’t take notes, but I looked at the schematic for reference voltages) and found that power wasn’t getting to most of the circuit.


I then traced it to this Diode mod that was included in the instructions (that extra diode) that was supposed to protect the circuit from plugging in a center-positive plug into the jack. Since I will be using a 9V battery, I just desoldered the mod and it worked like a charm.

It sounds so good.


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