DS-8 Part 2 (ugh)

Got into the Com Building workspace and drilled a good portion of the holes into the enclosure. Found out that I needed a wider drill bit for the 1/4″ jacks as well as the power jack (Don’t think I’ll be using it anyway, but still..)



And here I reveal the layout (giddily putting the knobs on, even though nothing’s soldered in)…





Not much I can do here until I get the new bit, so I went home and used the labeler to label the front panel. I also found out that the PCB standoffs I got from ERI don’t fit the holes in the PCB… I’m puzzled, I thought that stuff was standardized.



I also labeled the pot values and other things on the bottom of the synth, so I can identify where I put things to make the panel wiring easier:



Now to get a drill bit for the larger holes, go back to the shop, drill them out, find spacers that fit, wire up the panel, and see if it works…


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