Update: Project Box, Reading, Bench

Need to check evergreen for box drilling! None of my friends in the area have a proper drill, and I don’t have time to go to my parents’ to drill… Maybe the metal shop?

Having a good look at the book this week, as there’s nothing else to do except wait for parts to arrive, and I’m seeing that, until later in the book and peppered here and there, there’s not a lot of information I don’t already know. I’ve read (without taking notes the first three chapters, and the useful information was in the form of a list of things to have on hand and a workbench supply list. Everything else was covering, “what does voltage controlled mean” and “what is a filter” etc, things I already have a firm grasp of, at least to the extent that he is trying to explain them. Peeking into later chapters it does look promising, but thus far I feel like I might have picked the wrong book. I hope it gets better.

Also, check one thing off the want list! My dad found a little mini chest of drawers for components.

Adding to the list:

  • tool box

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