DS-8 Clone Part 1


Having received the majority of a DS-8 clone from Synthrotek in the mail, I decided to get started. I say a majority, because I found out that it doesn’t come with a case, so I had to order one. I have an idea about the layout, I just have to find a way to drill into the enclosure.

I first checked all the parts with the B.O.M, they actually sent me an additional zener diode! I separated all the passive components (resistors, IC sockets) into groups into the slotted plastic project box that I have and started soldering the IC sockets and the resistors.



Getting used to using a PCB was fairly quick, I didn’t have to hold as many things while soldering which was helpful.


Half of the passive components in and I’m finding it way easier to solder at this point, bending the leads is a trick I don’t want to keep using, but for now it seems to be the best way to keep things in place with the board flipped.


All of the resistors and IC sockets soldered. Moving on to and sorting out active components. Also, looking at this picture, I think it should be noted somewhere that the IC socket notches and the board printout notches SHOULD BE ALIGNED. I did this naturally, but replacing ICs is not something I want to have to do, so the pinout should be checked at all stages of construction, and I didn’t think about it until I had gotten this far.


One thing I don’t like about this board is that the pads are tiny holes and not pads at all, meaning that there’s very little room for solder to flow around the components, and it looks like I’ve just done a horrible job with dabs of solder here and there. I don’t know if this is standard, but this board could use a handy dandy rework from that perspective. It’s hard to apply the iron tip to the very small ring around each hole.


The electrolytic capacitors were realllly hard to get out of the cardboard protectors. I hated it so much I thought to take a picture of it… Why protect something when it’s going to take a lot of handling/touching of the part to get the protection off?



Forgot to take pictures, it went so fast – all the active components in place and soldered (minus the ICs).DS8-11

One little LED, and that’s literally all I can do without a hole-y project box.


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