Verb Deluxe Part 2

Before receiving my new soldering station, I attempted to solder a few more things. These didn’t go on well, so after wiring up the large components, I decided to wait until my Weller came in the mail.


After I got the Weller set up, I immediately tinned all the terminals and lugs. The Weller made a big difference, and soldering things was much easier due to the better tip that came with the Weller, the increase in heat output on the iron, and the ease of tip cleaning using the supplied sponge.




The above image is what my work bench looks like now. Since the footswitch made it near impossible to keep the enclosure steady, I set it inside a spool of solder I hadn’t cracked open yet. I would have used the vise, but the enclosure was both too heavy and too large.

I found terminal soldering difficult at first, because each time I would have to heat up a terminal lug a second time, the part I had already soldered would shift and sometimes fall completely out of the solder. What I did to combat this, was to simply shorten the amount of time I heated up the solder, and the rest of the build seemed to go smoothly. What follows is the rest of the build:

Modkits12  Modkits13  Modkits14

Modkits15  Modkits16

Modkits17  Modkits18

Overall, and after working on a bit of the DS-8 clone, I can say how much of a chore it actually is to wire up a terminal strip. I don’t like that the components are in the open, and I didn’t particularly enjoy soldering them directly to each other. The build instructions did not make the process easier, either, as the last bit of wiring was done after the reverb module was installed, making it difficult not to burn the thing.

After completion, the pedal worked fairly well, it had a clean output, and the reverb sounded natural.

A week later, I tested the pedal and the reverb stopped working. After looking up how to diagnose issues, I did a few tests with my multimeter and found that the voltage all over the pedal was off, but the voltage to and from the Accutronics reverb unit was the same. I’m going to have to replace some parts, as I noticed that everything has been soldered properly, the battery is charged, and no wires or parts have been disconnected or visibly broken.


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