Verb Deluxe Day 1

After unpacking, checking off, and separating all the components into my project box, I figured that I would complete the first few solderless steps of the construction, which included mounting the potentiometers, the switch, the mono input jack, the stereo jack, the LED, the DC power jack, and the terminals.







Even though I’m waiting for a desk vise and a new soldering iron, I prepared the Acutronics reverb unit with my Radio Shack iron and an old tip. Even though I could continue building the unit, I feel that I might be better off using the new iron and tip.





The 4th pin is shielded as it’s not used. I removed shielding from some of the wire it came with and used that.

I might continue building this without the new iron (it’s supposed to show up on the 10th).


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